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Application Overview:
CS Manager Rx is a perpetual inventory management application designed to help retail pharmacy personnel keep accurate records for controlled substance transactions while improving workflow and efficiency.

The software keeps a complete audit trail for controlled substance inventory from ordering, receipt, dispensing, wastage, return to stock, and reverse distribution. Inventory is recorded at the NDC level and reporting can be grouped by drug to facilitate rapid inventory count verification. Multi-site pharmacies have the ability to view aggregate reports. The software creates an audit trail that meets all legal requirements for controlled substance dispensation, receipt, wastage, and perpetual inventory control within a retail pharmacy setting.

Because barcode technology is utilized in the program, transaction logging is accomplished with a scan and click taking only seconds. Use of the software can improve outpatient pharmacy workflow by eliminating the use of the manual, antiquated CII log books.

CS Manager Rx can ensure a reduction in math errors and valuable pharmacist time spent investigating discrepancies. The efficiency of using a computer to track inventory frees resources for other tasks within the pharmacy.

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Perpetual inventory management for retail pharmacies to improve workflow and efficiency.

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