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Application Overview:
Nutrition Assistant is a clinical suite of programs tailored to help providers write Parenteral Nutrition (PN) orders for distinct patient age groups. These groups include neonates, pediatric patients, and adult patients. Each group has a unique method and set of clinical rules around ordering TPN and the modular design of the program allows all or just one of the programs to be used based on the hospital’s needs.

Nutrition Assistant is a web based application that is hosted on the hospital’s intranet and uses a Microsoft SQL Server© backend as a data repository. The application can be accessed by anyone on the hospital network with a logon to the program regardless of location. The neonatal module addresses the unique needs of writing a difficult nutrition order for a premature infant. The challenges in creating and compounding a neonatal order include complex calculations, illegible handwriting, calcium-phosphate solubility issues, osmolarity issues, and transcription errors while retyping the order into a compounding program. The neonatal module addresses all of these issues to ensure the patient gets the most clinically appropriate order by using numerous safety check.

The pediatric module provides the same features as the neonatal module, but with the clinical algorithms tailored for pediatric patients between 1 and 18 years of age. Order dosing from the physician’s perspective is per kg and the program converts the input into percentages and per 100ml quantities for compounding purposes. One of the biggest advantages of the program is that it can interface directly with the BAXA compounder eliminating the need to reenter the PN information into Abacus™. The software can also port the PN order via SFTP to CAPS® for systems that utilize offsite compounding services. The adult module was written for sites that prefer to utilize the compounder interfacing for all orders regardless of complexity to improve efficiency and reduce pharmacist time spent reviewing PN orders for clinical appropriateness and reentering them into a compounder software program.

For more information on computerized physician PN order entry, please review the attached white paper or screenshots below.

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Macro Nutrient Entry Screenshot                      Electrolyte Entry Screenshot                      Additive Entry Screenshot

Final Order Screenshot

Clinical suite of programs tailored to help providers write Parenteral Nutrition (PN) orders.

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