Contract Formulary Management

CS Manager Rx CS Manager Rx is a perpetual inventory management application designed to help retail pharmacy personnel keep accurate records for controlled substance transactions while improving workflow and efficiency.

Nutrition Assistant Nutrition Assistant is a clinical suite of modules tailored to help providers create Parenteral Nutrition (PN) orders for distinct patient age groups. The modules use over 100 clinical algorithms to ensure appropriate, compatible solutions are written and errors are addressed in a prospective manner.

CS Manager IP CS Manager IP is a software program designed to manage controlled substances and maintain a perpetual inventory in a hospital. The program is able to track each inventory item at the dispensing unit level and is able to generate reports detailing all controlled substance receipts and dispensations for auditing purposes. It will create an audit trail that will meet all legal requirements for controlled substance dispensation, receipt, wastage, and perpetual inventory control.

Outpatient Assistant Outpatient Assistant is an application for small retail pharmacy needs such as employee, worker compensation, or discharge prescriptions when the hospital does not have an outpatient pharmacy system. The tool performs all legal requirements for an outpatient prescription at a fraction of the cost of a full retail system.

Formulary Assistant Formulary Assistant is a database repository application that aggregates all of the disparate data sources in the hospital pharmacy department. This includes wholesaler pricing and purchase history, 340b/Apexus pricing, GPO pricing, charge master data, inpatient pharmacy system data, and outpatient pharmacy system data. With all of this data in one repository, it is possible to monitor contract price compliance, correct GPO tier pricing, and accurate synchronization between charge master and other downstream systems.

Oncology Assistant Oncology Assistant is a robust clinical application designed to manage the daily functions of an outpatient oncology compounding pharmacy. Many mid to small sized hospitals do not have access to such a system that is dedicated to perform the clinical and operational tasks for such an environment. Oncology Assistant provides the following clinical functions to improve patient safety in this complex clinic setting: 1) lifetime dose limit checking, 2) drug-drug interaction checking, 3) drug-disease interaction checking, 4) dose range checking, 5) dosing frequency checking, 6) IV solution incompatibility checking, 7) profile management, and 8) patient specific label generation.

Perpetual controlled substance inventory management.

Neonatal PN Order Entry.

Retail Pharmacy System.

Outpatient oncology dosing program.

Retail pharmacy controlled inventory management.

Hospital controlled substance inventory software.

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